Hello from Cruz

I like to think of myself as a host for "Galveston Island". Yes, I'm in the clothing business, but I meet many visitors to the Island.

My greeting has always been- "Hello, my name is Cruz, if you have a question or need a specific item", then- after a few moments- I'll approach them and ask a few questions to get their minds off their day.

I've developed a strategy to get control of the time I have with customers, ( I will tell a few funny stories , too) that allows us to be friends and create a trust factor that helps me sell my stuff or to just gain their trust , so they ask me questions about what to do- where to eat- what to visit or just say "thank you".

I always have a cold bottled water (cold beer too) for the ones I see that need it.

I've learned that in selling- you must sell yourself first. If you do a good enough job with that , buddy- you got a new friend, after that it's just show and tell. The rest is their ability to buy what they like.

I've been labeled a "high end store", well, with that being said- I always respond with what my Grandfather told me as a young dude, "son, you are gunna go through life and things are only expensive if you're not worth it."

It works for me, and sometimes I have to say to them, "I don't know who you are buying this for, but you might be right".

that's all for now.

See ya on the "rock"


ps; Remember "See Cruz for your sea cruise"

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